Welcome to the Geneva Trialogue

Responding to the UN General Assembly's call for collaborative partnerships and a collective effort towards sustainable development for all, the University of Geneva is convening the Geneva Trialogue on knowledge and the SDGs – a global conference to explore how new, technology-driven learning processes such as social learning, crowdsourcing and participative knowledge creation may become a key component of capacity-building and lead to achieve the SDGs.

The event will be convening academic, private and multilateral stakeholders to a tripartite dialogue – or trialogue – on knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For its first edition, scheduled on 15 November 2016, the Geneva Trialogue will focus on potential dividends offered by the digital revolution on and towards the SDGs. Our ambition here is not merely to understand the impact of digital innovation, but to trigger reflection and proactively formulate proposals on how academia and the industry could support knowledge as a key currency for development, within a globally consistent sustainable development framework.

The Geneva Trialogue on knowledge and the SDGs aims at opening a discussion line between academic, multilateral actors, such as IO and NGOs, and the private sector on the potential dividends of the digital revolution in knowledge production and education towards the SDGs.


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